General Terms:

1. Only these conditions govern the contractual relationship between the parties to the exclusion of the client's conditions. If the client's conditions or special conditions are preferred in writing, the following conditions will continue to apply in an additional manner.

2. Prices or conditions permitted by our delegates are binding only upon written confirmation from our company.

3. The delivered goods cannot be taken back without our prior agreement. The return costs are always borne by the buyer, unless they are the result of an error in our services. The goods are transported at the risk of the customer even if they are delivered carriage paid.

4. The invoices are payable by transfer to the bank account of

5. Every invoice that has not been paid on the due date will be increased by operation of law and without notice of default by interest of 1% per month. In addition, in the event of non-payment on the due date, the invoice amount will be increased by operation of law and without notice of default by 10% by way of flat-rate compensation, and this with a minimum of € 25.00. The late payment of one invoice means that other invoices for which a payment term had been granted, are immediately due and payable, without notice of default.

6. In the event of late payment of invoices, we reserve the right to discontinue all services.

7. A. The conformity of the delivery must be checked by the client upon delivery. Any complaints must be notified by registered letter no later than 5 days after delivery.

B. Any claim based on hidden defects must be brought by the client within two months after the defect arises, failing which the claim is inadmissible. This claim must, moreover, under penalty of forfeiture, be brought within 6 months after delivery.

C. When repairs are carried out by the co-contractor or third parties on the goods supplied by us, our responsibility lapses.

8. Any proposed delivery period is only valid by way of information. Late delivery does not entitle the co-contractor to compensation or the right to terminate the agreement.

9. In case of contractual or extra-contractual error, our responsibility is limited to the amount of the order. No other consequential damage from the client or from a third party is eligible for compensation. In case of dispute, only the court of Ypres (B) has jurisdiction. All delivered goods and any proceeds resulting from this remain the property of Belsombe until full payment of the invoice concerned.

Special Terms:

1. The following special terms - as well as the general terms mentioned above - but only to the extent that they are not expressly deviated from below - only apply to clients for whom the goods delivered under the current agreement are not related to the operation of a business or with the exercise of any independent activity on behalf of the client.

2. The following general clause does not apply: Article 7.

3. A. We can only be brought to court in court of the place of our registered office.

B. In all other cases of dispute, the court of the place where the contract originated or where it is, is or is to be performed, or the court of the client's domicile, at our option, has jurisdiction.

This also applies in the case of accepted bills of exchange.

C. This provision also applies to contracts concluded with nationals of the European Union in accordance with the Convention of 27 September 1968.

4. In the event of default on our part, the client is entitled to common law compensation.